Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow

...It seems to be never-ending. I'm so ready for spring. Mike and my trip to Florida got me in the mood for warmth, sun, green grass, flowers. I'm ready for some nice weather! A plus though is that a couple of my classes were cancelled for today considering the weather!

I've been looking for a job lately for after graduation. I'm really interested in working in an adoption agency. So I spent the good part of yesterday afternoon searching the internet for agencies that had any openings or ones that I could send my resume to. I found a couple - one in Indianapolis and the other in Bluffton (Indiana not Ohio). They both are agencies based on Christian values and they also have people working for them that only have their bachelor's degree. So I know that they hire people without their master's degree, which is a plus! Once I get my resume updated I'm hoping to get in contact with these places. I'm such a scheduled person that I have to know what I'm doing at all times, and I hate not knowing where I'll be in the next few months. But I'm trying to let God guide me on that and realize that it's not me - it's all about Him. I'm just doing His work.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

To Write Love on Her Arms - INTRO.

I've been doing some research for one of my classes for a paper. I wasn't getting to involved in the paper until I came upon this organization that is starting a movement- what they call a Love movement- to reach the tired and broken young women of our world. The women who continue to hide in the shadows of their pain, out of fear that someone will know their secrets. No one was doing anything for these lost women. But now, To Write Love On Her Arms, is pushing the issues. And is trying to convince a generation that LOVE WINS.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm not sure I'm ready to go back to class tomorrow. My vacation in Sarasota was great. Mike and I enjoyed the time together, time on the beach, in the sun, and the time spent with family. Mike didn't have the best of trips - he got the flu for about three days while we were gone, but he recovered nicely and was able to enjoy our last day in the sun. We spent the day at the beach and walking around Anna Maria Island. It was great to be able to spend some time together away from everyone else.

I did receive good news when I got home yesterday! I checked my blog and heard from Jolinda Lengacher (one of the leaders of our Kenya trip) that two of the babies have been adopted!! Benson and Mary were adopted from the baby center recently. They are a beautiful set of energetic twins. At first I found myself a little sad knowing that I probably wouldn't see them again, even if I do make it back to Kenya and the Center. But just as soon as that thought came in my mind, I shooed it away, because Benson and Mary are blessed with loving parents now!! They will be in a family setting - one that will be able to take care of them! Praise God!! Here's a picture of Benson and Mary. I ask you to pray for them as they adjust to their new living situation. Also keep the rest of the babies in your prayers as the staff at the baby center searches for great homes for them as well!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


9 Days til Florida!

I'm very excited to get out of this snow and cold and get into some sunshine! Mike and I are in need of a break from work and school, so it will be nice to get away and be able to be with each other every day while spending time with our grandparents.

Enjoy the Super Bowl tonight! Go Giants!