Monday, August 24, 2009

Here and There

We had a great weekend in Merrillville this past weekend. It's not often that we get an entire weekend at home (at least this summer it hasn't been likely) and so it was nice to relax and get some things done around here. It was also great to go to our church here. New small groups and classes are beginning in September so we took advantage of this. Mike signed up for a men's group that is starting in the fall. There's not many younger men involved in this particular group, so we're praying that the older men embrace him! I also signed up for a women's small group. They are just starting to have a younger demographic of women, so I know that I'll be comfortable going into this group. Which makes me feel good since I don't exactly like going into a new environment totally on my own. We'll also be getting involved again with our Newly-Married small group. We will begin meeting again with them in September after taking the summer off.

We're SO excited for this weekend! A good friend of mine, CJ Cunningham is getting married! I'm very excited to see this group of friends that will be at the wedding. CJ and his family have been such a support to me in the years since Nick has died. CJ, Megan, and their parents Dave and Janice are so generous and loving. I'm excited to celebrate with them!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Show us Your Life

Ok, for this week's edition of Show Us Your Life I don't have much to input so I'm counting on everyone else!! The category is BABY SHOWERS. Yes, I've been to them, but never had to throw one so I don't have many ideas. I did find this very cute picture over at Kelly's Korner of cookies that she had at her baby shower!

Aren't these soo cute!? Adorable I think. Maybe when it's time (waaay down the road) for me to have a baby shower I'll request cookies like these!!

Join in the "Show Us" fun!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Texas Update

We got a little update on Texas. Not exactly what we were expecting. Mike found out that instead of getting his own store, there's potential that he could be hired as an assistant manager (which is his current position). He wasn't excited about that- but they also told him that because the standard of living is cheaper in Texas than here- he would be receiving a pay CUT. Plus, they wouldn't pay our moving costs if he was hired as an asst. manager. IF he would accept that position in Texas then there's a lot of potential to be getting his own store pretty quickly. HOWEVER. His district manager also said there's alot of possibility to get his own store if he says NO too. They have other openings elsewhere apparently. So, needless to say, there's absolutely no positive to taking the same position for less money in Texas. As much as we wanted a change, we can't afford to do that. So he took his name out of the running if it's only for an assistant position. Now we are back to the waiting game. We're hoping something else comes up, something better suited for us maybe. I trust that God knows our plans better than we ever will. Keep us in your prayers as we try and figure out our future and still be satisfied with where we are currently at. I'm secretly keeping my fingers crossed that maybe a store in Kansas will open up and need a store manager!! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Show us Your Life

Vacation Spots

This week is Vacation Spots. Kelly's Korner is a great place to check out other people's favorite spots. Mike and I haven't traveled very many places together yet. I have some personal favorite places - like Kansas and Sarasota, Florida. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that Kansas is one of my favorite places. I learned so much about myself in Hesston, Kansas and I have so many fond memories. Sarasota is a place that my family went year after year while we were growing up. Both sets of my grandparents now live there half the year and the memories we have created will last forever. Olympia Fields is the place to be! :)

However, the place that Mike and I have loved going together is JAMAICA!! We have traveled to Florida together, but Jamaica takes the cake! We went for our honeymoon and loved the laid back lifestyle, the fact that clocks were not a necessity, and the gorgeous blue water.

This was our pool area at night at the resort we stayed at. This was our favorite place to be at night. It was so relaxing to hear the ocean in the background and the calm waters of the pool.

One night before dinner.

Pure Paradise! We loved waking up each morning and seeing this sight. I could definitely live there!! We would love to go back sometime and try out another resort.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Show us Your Life

I'm a very loyal reader of a blog I stumbled upon called Kelly's Korner and every week she does a "Show us Your Life" day. It's a different category every week but this last week was wedding reception/wedding party. I love seeing everyone's pictures but this time I thought I would join in. Join in the fun with me!

The Boys!

Just one pic from our VERY fun reception! It's taking too long to upload pics to do anymore of the reception!

Ok, I think I'll have to wait til later to upload more pictures. It's just taking too long and my internet connection is never very reliable. Have a great week and please join in the "Show us your Life" series!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nothing new to report. We have alot of exciting things coming up though!! Tomorrow Chelsea Fink is coming to visit! I'm so excited to catch up with her. We are so blessed with great friends who make the trip to come and see us. It makes Merrillville feel more like home. This weekend will be great as well as we're heading to Nappanee for Jill's house dedication. Her and Anessa deserve such a great outpouring of love and prayer as they move in to their new Habitat for Humanity house. We're excited that we can share in this. Next weekend while Mike is working (sorry babe!) I'll be back in Nappanee for Bethany and Kevin's wedding! Plus I'll be staying a couple extra days to help Jill organize and decorate the house. It will be great to have a girl's weekend and help her and Anessa get settled.

Summer is almost over. I'm excited for all that is coming up but I'll be sad to see my pool days go! Have a great week!