Wednesday, April 30, 2008


As of 6:30 tonight I'll be DONE with the semester! My finals haven't been too bad, I have two more today, but then I'm done. Until May 12th that is when I start summer classes - then a whole new round of stress will arise. But at least I'll only be working one job at that time.
Mike moves to Merrillville on May 15. It's coming up quickly, but he is excited to move on in with this job and his own place. I'm happy for him and I have no doubt that we'll be fine through the distance.

The job search still continues. I'm just trying to sit quietly and listen to what path God wants to lead me on.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Just a few more weeks of school. Things are starting to pick up and I'm trying to keep my head above water. I've tried to take my mind off of other things like the job search, my future, Mike's new job, etc. I have put in a couple applications at various social service agencies. We'll see what happens. My summer classes are scheduled. It's going to be a very busy and tiring summer. Mike moves to Merrillville around May 10th. I've come to terms with this and I'm excited for him and his new adventure. We'll make the distance work.

Last night at The Effect, Derry was talking to us about worship and what our idea of worship was. He did a great job exploring this topic and making us dig into the Word. Worship is a hard word to define, kind of like grace, because there's so many different ways to interpret it. Everyone has their own definitions. I found out though that the best way for me to hear and experience God is by serving or celebrating. I took this quiz that Derry gave us to learn more about the ways that we all experience God. It was interesting. Let me know how you experience Him best!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I just got done watching the second annual American Idol "Idol Gives Back". I was looking forward to this episode this year, because it encourages people to get involved. It tugs at your heart, they educate you, and they pull you in. This year, after experiencing Kenya just 4 months ago, it especially broke my heart. I cried for the babies that I saw on the screen not just because they were hurting, but because I could put names to them. No, I didn't know that specific child, but that child looked like a child I met. Or that mother looked like a mother that I met while staying in Kenya. I cried for Luke. I cried for Lucy. I cried for Timothy. For Matthew. For Hannah. For the workers. For Kenya women.

At the end of the show tonight all of the American Idol contestants, along with a choir, got on stage and sang "Shout to the Lord". I stopped what I was doing, looked straight at the tv screen with my mouth hanging open and just thought "they get it!" they really get it! They realized that the real giver, healer, and creater is God. They got it! But then, I have to say I was thoroughly let down when Ben Stiller comes on right after they were done with that song and starts cussing. Of course they bleeped it out, but we all know what he was saying. Yes, he's a comedian. Yes, he was being funny. But also, he ruined a powerful moment. I don't blame him. I blame a country full of people who might not be ready to hear something so powerful.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ever feel like your life has just gained a new direction, but with that new direction comes a whole new wave of uncertainty? That's what I'm feeling. Mike interviewed about a month ago for an assistant store manager job at Aldi's foods in Merrillville. Three weeks went by and so we thought that he didn't get it. He had come to terms with that. But last week the interviewer called and offered him the job, apologizing for the delay. Of course Mike took the job. So at the beginning of May, Mike will make the hour and a half move to Merrillville. He starts full time May 19th. He is really excited about this. He loves new challenges and this brings great reward as he has potential to move up in the business and within a few years- manage his own store. I'm so happy for him and proud of him. I haven't decided if I will try and find a job near Merrillville or not. He's not certain on how long he'll be there, because if what his boss says is correct, he can start training for a store manager position in just a year- then he could be transfered to a store back here. If that's the case, I would rather stay around here. We can do a year of distance.
As far as my own job searches go -- Hesston is at a halt. The people who I thought might be leaving the office so that positions would be open, have decided to stay. Therefore there are no positions open this year. That's ok, maybe it's just not the right time. So I continue looking for a job, probably around this area. I'm not as stressed as I was about it, I know that it's all in God's hands and His timing is perfect.
Oh! We're also not going to Vegas anymore, since Mike got the job. The rest of his family is going but him and I will not be going along. He doesn't feel like he should take off that much time right away. I agree. But that's money that we'll be saving!