Thursday, May 22, 2008

This breaks my heart.

Here's little Maria just two months ago.
The Chapman's will remain in our prayers.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Here I am, back in Nappanee. The one place that has always felt like home to me. The one place that when everything else seems like it's falling apart in my life- I can run to and it will get better. But not today. Not last night when I returned from Merrillville. Mike moved in, he's settled, and he starts work today. It was so hard to drive away from his apartment last night knowing that he was there by himself. Not knowing when I would see him next. I know that some relationships are much more long distance than ours. It's just going to be an adjustment for us. I know we'll be fine. I'm not worried about our relationship at all. But right now my heart is breaking because he's not a ten minute drive away. I pray that this year goes fast. And before we know it- we'll be married and we'll be laughing at how much we struggled through this time! 364 more days til he's back...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer isn't meant for School.

I've (almost) survived my first week of summer classes. I have one more three hour lecture today, and then I'll be done for the weekend. Let me tell ya, summer classes aren't a walk in the park. It's not that they are hard -- I'm sure some are, but most of mine aren't bad -- but they are just SO boring! Sitting in a class for three hours learning about art history. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my summer. But going to school for another semester next fall isn't how I want to spend my fall either. So I'll suck it up. It's wearing me out, that's for sure. I go straight from class to waitressing, to homework, to Mike to sleep. The only thing lacking in that schedule is my sleep. But Mike moves this weekend. Tomorrow after I get off work we're going to pack up his remaining things and move him to Merrillville. I'm going to spend the weekend with him to get him settled in, but it's going to be emotional. I'm not ready for him to move. I'm too used to seeing him everyday. I hate not knowing when the next time I'll see him will be. But, I've prayed and prayed about this and I know he's making the right choice. I know that we'll be just fine. God has it all in His hands. Sometimes I forget how little my problems must seem to a God who fixes BIG problems every second of everyday. He must think I'm a real whiner sometimes!!

I would appreciate the prayers for Mike as he makes this transition, moves, and starts a new job. I pray that he'll succeed and fall in love with his job. I pray that the distance won't be TOO hard on us and that we'll grow stronger- together. Thanks.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So GLAD to be a GRAD!

Yes, my moment is bound to end. But not yet, I won't let it. This is my moment! My celebration! So that's what I'm doing! After graduation tonight my family went out to eat with Mike's family -- also the first time that they had met! (about time I know!) It went well and they both agreed it would have to be done again soon! So that's good!!

The ceremony went well. I didn't trip and fall on my face. I thought walking would be stupid since I still have classes to take, but it renewed my motivation a little bit and really gave me a sense of accomplishment. So what if I still have three months left. I have five years under my belt to be proud of. :)

I graduate tonight. It's kind of a short-lived joy. I start summer classes on Monday, but tonight I'm celebrating making it through five years of college. On August 8th, when I'm done with summer classes, I'll really feel the joy of graduation. So tonight, I'm just taking that step across the stage in honor of the five years, three schools, and multiple majors I've been through! :)

Friday, May 2, 2008





Finals are over. Summer classes start soon. It's time to gain a new sense of motivation.