Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mike's Bike is FOR SALE!

We're selling Mike's 2008 Yamaha V-Star Custom motorcycle. Here are the specs:


We're asking $8,000 for it, but we're definitely willing to negotiate. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass this around to your friends or anyone you know who is looking for a great bike. Mike would LOVE to keep it. But we just can't afford it right now. Here's a picture of it as well.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What do you do in Life?

I was reading a blog this morning and the blog author asked "What do you do in life?". He had 18 comments and most of them were what people did to make a living. What their job was. I couldn't help but think "that's your answer to what you do in life? that's what makes you- you?" Maybe it's because I'm struggling with finding a job, or maybe it's because of the number of layoffs this year, but I certainly don't want to be labeled by where I'm employed. Do you really measure success in life by your job? If so, I feel as if you're missing out on a whole world of happiness. I believe that happiness and success should be measured by your relationship with God. Family. Friends. Children. How you HELP. Now how you earn your money. At the end of my life I want to be able to say that I lived a good, fulfilled life. Not - I had a good job. That's not what people remember about you.

I know this is a little random, but those comments on his site just got me thinking about how I measure myself. What do I do in Life? I love my husband. I value my time with friends and family. I make time for those relationships and make sure they are growing everyday. I strive to be a better wife. I consume the Word in order to follow God more deeply. I try my hardest to make these things control my happiness instead of what the world believes.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Welcome Summer!

As I begin this post, I let out a sigh. It's summer :) Mike and I are taking full advantage of this great weather and spending the mornings (if he doesn't have to go into work til later) by the pool or the afternoons (if he goes in early) laying out. Our evenings (when he's not closing) are spent taking long walks then a dip in the pool to cool off. That's one great thing about apartment living - the pool :)

Our summer is getting pretty busy. Not exactly by choice, but we're looking forward to every moment. We have alot of weddings- this weekend starts off wedding season for us. My cousin, Ben is getting married in Ft. Wayne this weekend. It will be great to see some Indy friends who are up for the wedding and also celebrate with them and our family. Jackie is such a great addition to our family. I'm going home on Thursday to help Jill with her new house and just to enjoy each other's company. Friday, I'm watching Anessa for the day. We'll probably enjoy some pool time and I might treat her to some McDonald's :). I'm really looking forward to spending the day with her. *Thanks Jill for allowing me to babysit!!
We leave for vacation in a couple weeks. Mike's parents rented a cabin in Michigan for the week after the 4th, so we're going with his family there. We're looking foward to spending the week on the lake and enjoying each other and getting away from Merrillville for a bit.

I had a job interview last week, but unfortunately I found out today that I didn't get the job. I thought I would be really disappointed, but for one reason or another I just think it wasn't right for me right now. God has plans for me, and I'm praying that He will open the right doors.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A night at the Park...

Mike and I enjoyed a night at the park last night! We ventured to Crown Point to a cute little park. Corey, Jill, and Anessa came for dinner so we thought we could wear Anessa out before she laid down for bed. It took us awhile to actually find the park, but I think we're all in agreement that it was worth it! I don't remember such fun things at parks when we were little! They had a great slide that I think we enjoyed more than Anessa. Actually, I'm sure of it! I have a feeling Mike and I will be returning! Here's a picture of Jill going down our favorite slide! Can you see it's made out of rollers? It was a blast. :)

We loved the company that we shared and loved watching Anessa run and enjoy the park. She took a little spill at the end of the night after her mom spun her on a toy a little too long. haha. Anessa loved the spinning but did NOT love the feeling of dizziness when she got off and did a faceplant into the dirt. After we got done laughing, possibly adding insult to injury.. we headed back and watched a movie while Anessa slept.

Thanks Corey, Jill, and Anessa for such a great night! We're so thankful for your friendship!