Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One Month

Happy One Month Tenley! I'm a few days late with this, but better late than never!
We just had Tenley's one month appointment yesterday at the doctor and she said that Tenley is a very healthy little girl! Those were great words to hear.

Tenley is currently:
-10 lbs.
-22 inches long! I couldn't believe this!
-eating 3 oz. every 3 hours
-still getting up every 3 hours at night. We're hoping this will change soon.
-She's taken her first little roadtrip to Indianapolis. She slept the whole way!
-She has outgrown her newborn diapers and is now in size 1.
-She still can't wait to move back to Nappanee to be with all of her new friends! :)

Our love for her has grown so much in the last month! We've gone from wondering if we will survive the sleepless nights to being pretty adjusted and loving every little face and sound she makes. My heart overflows with love for miss Tenley Ann.

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